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Welcome to golfundhotel.com

We are the only independent website dedicated to find all hotels with golf packages or golf offers.

Our mission is to connect passionate golfers with the world of hotels offering golf packages and to provide golf beginners with useful information about golf beginner courses and golf taster offers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. We bring you unique and current information, pictures and special offers from hotels and golf clubs in Europe. USA and Asia will follow shortly.

golfundhotel.com is therefore an information tool for golfers, who are looking for hotels which offer accomodations including golf packages. We had this idea for an information tool while we were looking for golf arrangements. It took us hours to find just a few offers and we weren't even sure that we got the best price. With golfundhotel.com  you now have the opportunity to get all the information you need in a short time. As we do not sell the packages we like to inform you as neutral as possible. 

At the same time we promote the hotels to a wider range of interested golf travelers. With us the hotels do not depend on huge travel agencies. We also assist the hotels in many ways like creating golf packages in general or for special target groups.

Please feel free to ask questions: info@golfundhotel.com

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