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Those who deal with the topic of online marketing nowadays will encounter a variety of terms such as SEO, SEA, content, storytelling, customer journey, touch points, AIDA model, etc., and every month there will be more. Online marketing has reached such a high level of complexity that is hardly understandable for a layman. Golf Marketing does not constitute an exemption. The actively growing progress of the digitization makes an individual consultation more and more necessary. Every hotel, every guesthouse, every holiday home provider wants to address his potential customers in the best possible way. Golf clubs and golf course operators also see the need for a successful online marketing concept. The same applies to tourism regions and companies that appeal to the target group of golfers.

Online direct marketing systems are therefore becoming more and more important because the benefits for users and providers are equally significant. Golf & Hotel established direct contact between guests and hotels, between golfers and golf clubs. Thus, the hotels & golf clubs have the opportunity to offer their guest an individual package and ultimately a personal price. Price control and direct contact with the customer are the essential marketing elements.

What does golf marketing by mean?
You want to address golfers as your primary target group. You want to win golfers as an additional guest group. You have a hotel, but you are new in the golf business. You want to make golfers aware of your services or products. You would like to present your tourism region or hotel at the golf shows, but don't want to spend thousands of euros or you don't have the human resources. We'll show you how to manage all of this challenges. Thousands of golfers and golf enthusiasts use our information platform every day. We increase your visibility for Google. We create the essential external links with content marketing, storytelling and more. Our newsletter serves the direct recommendation of individual hotels, regions or services. Also, our print medium, the Golf & Hotel brochure, addresses all those who like to have paper-based information.

Our online press section uses the marketing advantages of conventional storytelling for you. Hotels, golf clubs, tourism regions and third-party providers, we, therefore, offer the attractively priced opportunity to regularly report on hotel events, regional events or club news.

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