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The 27-hole Golfclub Schloss Schönborn (1989) is situated in the Wine District north of Vienna. Playing golf here means to meet Austrian history and tradition at every turn. The golf course, designed by the architect duo Rossknecht & Erhart, is located on the 104-hectare castle grounds. The splendidly renovated castle was built in 1717 as a summer residence for the then Reich Vice Chancellor Friedrich Karl von Schönborn. Now it is used by the golf club. The golf course Schloss Schönborn is one of the "Finest Golf Courses of the World" and is a member of the "Leading Golf Courses Austria".

Red Course A+B, Par 73
White: 6.387 m, Slope 136
Yellow: 6.160 m, Slope 133
Blue: 5.742 m, Slope 133
Red: 5.449 m, Slope 127

Green Course  B+C, Par  72
White: 6.073 m, Slope 134
Yellow: 5.876 m, Slope 130
Blue: 5.463 m, Slope 130
Red: 5.207 m, Slope 127

Yellow Course A+C, Par 71
White: 6.114 m, Slope 132
Yellow: 5.856 m, Slope 132
Blue: 5.427 m, Slope 128
Red: 5.160 m, Slope 124

Golfclub Schloss Schönborn
2013 Schönborn 4, AUSTRIA
T +43 2267 2863
E golfclub@gcschoenborn.com

Schönborn 4, A-2013 Schönborn

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