Golf courses in Upper Austria

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Golf courses in Upper Austria

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Golf Club Donau - Freizeitland Linz Feldkirchen


Feldkirchen/Donau, Upper Austria

The 18 hole championship course of the Golf Club Donau is located in the heart of the Danube valley. The course is considered one of the most beautiful in Austria. The golf course features comprehensive construction and perfect design. It is characterized by beautiful and wide fairways, tee boxes for different handicap levels, well placed water hazards and natural habitats.

Golfclub St. Oswald-Freistadt


Oswald, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golf Club St. Oswald- Freistadt is nestled in the austere beauty of the Mühlviertel hills north of Linz. The course offers old trees, ponds, Mühlviertler granite blocks and beautiful views of the picturesque town. The fairways are adapted to the natural landforms. Overall the course is not only for beginners a sporting challenge.

Golfpark Böhmerwald


Ulrichsberg, Upper Austria

The 27 hole Golfpark Böhmerwald is located in the Mühlviertel in the border triangle Austria-Germany-Czech Republic, halfway between Passau and Linz. Experience the charming 18-hole championship course with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape of the Bohemian Forest.

Celtic Golf Course Schärding


Taufkirchen/Pram, Upper Austria

The 18-hole championship course of the Celtic Golf Course Schärding is only a few minutes away from the beautiful town of Schärding am Inn. Golfers will find a splendid view of wide fairways with natural tree populations. The highlight is the beautifully designed island green of hole No. 2.

AtterseeGolfClub Weyregg


Weyregg am Attersee, Upper Austria

The 9 hole Attersee Golf Club Weyregg (2004) enjoys a quiet location on the eastern shore of the Attersee (Salzkammergut) and offers beautiful views from every hole across the lake and the surrounding countryside. An incomparable golf experience is guaranteed. 

Golfclub Am Mondsee


Mondsee, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golfclub Am Mondsee (1989) is situated directly at the lake of Mondsee - only 25 minutes from Salzburg. The championship course is a demanding challenge for every golfer. It is characterized by beautiful views of the surrounding Salzkammergut mountains and by strategically placed bunkers, long fairways and the omnipresent Drachensee (Dragon Lake).

Golfclub über den Dächern von Passau


Freinberg, Upper Austria

The 9-hole Golfclub über den Dächern von Passau (1995) is located above the rooftops of Passau near the border between Austria and Germany. The golf course on the plateau above the Danube valley offers a unique view of the cathedral and university town of Passau and beautiful impressions of its surroundings.

Golfpark Metzenhof


Kronstorf, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golfpark Metzenhof is located just 20 minutes from Linz in Upper Austria between the towns of Enns and Steyr. The slightly hilly golf course was designed by golf course architect D.I. Hans Georg Erhardt and offers varied fairways with links character. Numerous water hazards, two island greens and 70 bunkers make the course extremely attractive. 



Attersee am Attersee, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golf Club am Attersee (2011) is situated in the Salzkammergut region and offers great views of the lake and the Höllengebirge (Hell Mountains). You will find varied 18 holes. Various habitats have been integrated into the course design. Natural fairways alternate with interesting design holes, planes with hilly terrain. Golfers of all levels will enjoy the Golfclub am Attersee.

Golfclub Drachenwand


Mondsee, Upper Austria

The 9-hole Golf Club Drachenwand lies amid the Salzkammergut region close to the Mondsee. The course was designed by South African Marc Muller on an idea by Jack Nicklaus and modeled after the famous Caymen-Iceland-Courses. Due to its location and its design it is popular for golf players of all levels. The golf course lies on a plateau and offers a magnificent mountain panorama.

Golfclub Pfarrkirchen im Mühlviertel


Pfarrkirchen, Upper Austria

The 9-hole Golfclub Pfarrkirchen im Mühlviertel (1992) is a classic panoramic golf course at 800 meters above sea level. On clear days you can enjoy stunning views over the Danube valley, towards the Northern Limestone Alps, on the Dachstein and to the Zugspitze. The golf course, which was designed in Scottish tradition, has been carefully integrated into the landscape. 

Golfclub Salzkammergut


St. Wolfgang, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golfclub Salzkammergut (1933) is one of Austria's oldest golf courses, located in the center of the Salzkammergut region close to the famous town of Bad Ischl. The course is characterized by old trees, beautiful ponds and a challenging course design. And you will be rewarded with with stunning panoramic views to the mountains of Salzkammergut.

Golfclub Stärk Linz Ansfelden


Ansfelden, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golf Club Stärk Linz Ansfelden (2000) is located a few kilometers from Linz and its many cultural attractions. The championship course is surrounded by meadows and fields and runs through a slightly countryside. The course was intentionally designed to be not too difficult

GC Innviertel - Gut Kaltenhausen


Pischelsdorf, Upper Austria

The 18-hole GC Innviertel - Good Kaltenhausen (1994) is situated in a scenic location on a plateau about 40 km north of Salzburg. The natural, uncomplicated golf course is nestled in a gorgeous landscape in the Innviertel. The mild climate allows for a nearly year-round operation.

Golfclub Attersee-Traunsee - Golf Regau


Regau, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golfclub Attersee-Traunsee is nestled amidst the beautiful natural landscape between Attersee and Traunsee in a convenient location. The championship course on level terrain offers lots of attractive challenges with strategically positioned water hazards and bunkers. Due to six tee boxes the golf course Regau is ideal for golf beginners and single handicaps.

Golfclub Herzog Tassilo


Bad Hall, Upper Austria

The 18-hole Golfclub Herzog Tassilo (1992) is located close to the famous thermal spa town of Bad Hall in Upper Austria. The slightly hilly course offers beautiful mountain views. The fairways fit naturally into the environment and they are characterized by several bunkers. The course is a challenge for players of all handicap levels.

Golfclub Linz St. Florian


St. Florian, Upper Austria

The 18-hole golf course of Golfclub Linz St. Florian (1960/1973) was designed by the famous golf architect Donald Harradine. As soon as you arrive, through an imposing avenue of trees past Schloss Tillysburg to the clubhouse, you know a very special golfing experience awaits you. A fascinating course design, ideal playing conditions in splendidly tended grounds and a customer-oriented services set the GC Linz St. Florian apart. 

Golfclub Maria Theresia


Haag am Hausruck, Upper Austria

Die 18-Loch Golfanlage des Golfclub Maria Theresia liegt am Süd-Osthang des Hausruck-Waldes oberhalb von Haag am Hausruck in einem leicht waldigen Gelände. Bereits am Loch 1 (Par 4, 409 Meter) wird deutlich, was den Golfer erwartet: Das Tee liegt wie auf einem Schanzentisch und man schlägt von der Höhe auf das Fairway. Belohnt wird man mit schönen Blicken in die ursprüngliche oberösterreichische Landschaft. 

Golfclub Sonnberg


St. Johann am Walde, Upper Austria

The 18 hole Golfclub Sonnberg is located about 40 km north of Salzburg in one of the largest forest areas in Austria. The slightly hilly course offers you a great view into the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. You will find a number of water hazards and strategically placed bunkers. On the other hand the holes are not very long, which gives ideal conditions for the recreational golfer or golf beginners. 

Golfclub SternGartl


Oberneukirchen, Upper Austria Die 18-Loch Anlage des Golfclub SternGartl liegt Im Distltal, auf klarluftigen 600 m, im Mühlviertler Hügel-Gebiet zwischen Oberneukirchen, Zwettl an der Rodl und Bad Leonfelden. Der Platz ist ins sanfte Hügelland nördlich von Linz eingebettet und sorgfältig in die alte Kulturlandschaft oberhalb der Nebelgrenze integriert. Typische Kennzeichen sind herrliche Wälder, breite Fairways, einige Wasserhindernisse und faire Grüns.

Golfclub Traunsee Kirchham


Kirchham bei Vorchdorf, Upper Austria

Der 18-Loch Golfclub Traunsee Kirchham (1991) wurde vom Münchner Golfplatz-Architekten Hansjörg Volg konzipiert. Der Platz (par 71) im schönen Salzkammergut, nur 8 km vom Traunsee entfernt, liegt eingebettet in einer wunderbaren Wald- und Hügellandschaft auf 504 m Seehöhe.

Golfclub Wels


Weißkirchen, Upper Austria

Der 18-Loch Meisterschaftsplatz des Golfclub Wels (1983) liegt etwa 7 km von Wels entfernt in einer reizvollen, hügeligen Lage der Welser Heide mit wundervollem Panoramablick auf den Traunstein. Die ersten neun Löcher sind auf einer Ebene angelegt, während die zweiten Neun  durch ein abwechslungreiches und hügeliges Gelände verlaufen. Dieser Teil des Platzes stellt etwas größere Anforderungen an die Kondition. Teiche und der Wyerbach, der zweimal überspielt werd

Golfclub Windischgarsten - Pyhren-Priel


Windischgarsten, Upper Austria

Attention +++++++++++++ Golfclub Windischgarsten - Pyhren-Priel +++++++++++++++++++ has gone bankrupt


Linzer Golf-Club Luftenberg


Luftenberg, Upper Austria Der Linzer Golf-Club Luftenberg liegt in der reizvollen Mühlviertler Hügellandschaft, nordöstlich von Linz. Der 18-Loch Platz bietet abwechslungsreiche Bahnen in waldreicher Umgebung mit vielen attraktiven Wasserhindernissen, strategisch platzierten Bunkern und schönem Bewuchs.

ROBINSON Golfclub Ampflwang


Ampflwang, Upper Austria

The 9-hole ROBINSON Golfclub Ampflwang (1995), not far from the Austrian border to Germany, in the triangle Passau - Linz - Salzburg, is directly located on the site of Robinson Club Ampflwang. The golf course is perfectly nestled in the rolling countryside of the Hausruck Forest. It offers fast and straightforward greens, wide fairways, water hazards like streams and ponds, pronounced rough areas and slopes