Golf Courses in Fyn

where the whole package is right

Golf Courses in Fyn

The Baltic island Fyn is a real golfing paradise, where the whole package is right. There are not only over 15 top modern and well-equipped golf courses but also an environment and scenery that makes your golf round an unforgettable experience. The tranquility, the laid-back atmosphere, and the culinary adventures provide a perfect setting to forget the stress of everyday life, to switch off and concentrate only on the small white ball. In this sense: have an excellent game!

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Faaborg Golfklub


Faaborg, Fyn

The 18-hole Faaborg Golfklub is located in a beautiful landscape of the "South Sea Alps" and offers a varied and challenging experience with incredibly beautiful views of the archipelago of South Funen and the town of Faaborg. The hilly course is an integral part of the large nature reserve in Svanninge.

Svendborg Golf Klub


Svendborg, Fyn

The 27 holes golf course of Svendborg Golf Club offers interesting holes in a slightly hilly area. The course is built into the landscape of the Hvidkilde forest. At its highest points it offers beautiful views over the town of Svendborg. The greens are known for being quite fast and exciting. 

Langesø Golfclub


Morud, Fyn

Langesø Golf offers you the highest quality golf and everyone visiting Langesø Golf, both members and green fee visitors, gets the best possible experience. Together with a high focus on care, nature is an essential factor for a quality that creates a truly unique experience - when a pheasant does not suddenly drum across the fairway, the rabbits are running and playing, or a deer stand and looks among the trees, He has not yet played golf in pure nature.

Sct. Knuds Golfklub


Nyborg, Fyn

The club was founded in 1954 and is, as such, one of the oldest golf courses in Denmark, with part of the beautiful and challenging course running along Nyborg Fjord. The club boasts a new clubhouse built in 2009 with every modern facility.

Ærø Golf Klub


Søby Ærø, Fyn

Der Golfplatz von Ærø befindet sich, auf drei Seiten vom Meer umrandet, in einer einzigartigen Lage nahe Skjoldnæs Leuchtturm. Von sämtlichen Grüns haben Sie Meeresblick, und der Platz ist der einzige seiner Art in Dänemark. Der Golfplatz ist ein Seaside-Platz, den man sonst nur in Schottland und Irland findet.

Odense Eventyr Golf Klub


Odense SV, Fyn

A very well-maintained championship course with 27 holes, laid out in a beautiful area with a very varied terrain intersected by the watercourse Elmelundbækken. Especially the water-course and the created ponds help to fill the area with challenges and exciting experiences.

Vestfyns Golfklub


Glamsbjerg, Fyn

The 18 holes and the Pitch & Putt course have been created in the Danish beech forest and the idyllic "Fünenfeldern" as a breathtaking landscape. On several of the holes of the course, you will walk alone - surrounded by green nature and plentiful wildlife. Only the forests and the frogs in the many lakes can disturb your game.

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