Golf courses in Bavaria

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Golf courses in Bavaria - Germany

Bavaria offers more than Munich, Augsburg and Regensburg. Bavaria is also the castle of Neuschwanstein or Linderhof and the regions around the Alps and their lakes. Bavaria offers a stunning landscape, rich culture, historical places and a living tradition. Here you can enjoy great golf courses!

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Golf Resort Achental, Chiemgau, Bayern


Grassau/Chiemgau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Resort Achental was opened 2013 designed by the well known golf course architect Thomas Himmel. His motto is: challenge, strategy and fun playing a golf course. The Par 72 course, measuring a total length of 5,835 m, follows these ideas. Ambitious players with low handicaps face several challenges like bunkers in the driving zone, rolling fairways and well placed water hazards, while less ambitious golfers can avoid these hazards. 

Golf- und Landclub Bayerwald e.V.


Waldkirchen, Bavaria

 The 27-hole Golf and Country Club Bayerwald is located near the town of Passau nestled in the beautiful and unspoiled nature of the Bavarian Forest. Bayerwald Golf Club provides the 18-hole championship course Poppenreut and the challenging public 9-hole Golf Park Dorn.

Golfanlage Auf der Gsteig


Lechbruck am See, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfanlage Auf der Gsteig is located in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps right in the heart of the holiday region of Eastern Allgäu, Auerbergland and Pfaffenwinkel. Your round of golf will be accompanied by splendid views of the Allgäu and the Tyrol Alps. The slightly hilly golf course offers varied holes. 

Golfclub zu Gut Ludwigsberg Türkheim


Türkheim, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Club zu Gut Ludwigsberg Türkheim is located north of Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu-Swabian region. The beautiful 18-hole championship course offers wonderful views of the distant Alpine panorama. Many old trees of oak, ash, birch, alder, maple and poplars add to the character of this course.

Allianz Nickolmann Golfplatz Brunnwies


Haarbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Allianz Nickolmann Golf Course Brunnwies is part of the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach. The beautiful course was designed by the German golf professional and Masters winner Bernhard Langer. His intention was to build a golf course, which is suitable for all kind of golfers and still offering attractive challenges for the low handicaps.

Beckenbauer Golf Course - Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


Rotthalmünster, Bavaria

The 18-hole Beckenbauer Golf Course in Bad Griesbach was designed by the famous German golf professional Bernhard Langer. The championship course is placed into the natural floodplain of the river Rott. The course is quite challenging. There are many lovely details, which are not only optical but add to the golfing attractiveness.

Bella Vista Golfpark - Bad Birnbach


Bad Birnbach, Bavaria

The 27-hole Bellavista Golf Park - Bad Birnbach (2007) extends over a hilly terrain within the Rottal landscape. The golf course was designed like a classic links course and it is correspondingly demanding. Of course, there are numerous sand and grass bunkers, as well as special water hazards. The golf course also provides a 9-hole beginner course.

Deggendorfer Golfclub e.V.


Schaufling, Bavaria

The 18-hole Deggendorf Golf Club (founded in 1981) is located near Deggendorf on the Rusel, part of the scenic Bavarian Forest. Enjoy a beautiful parkland-style golf course at an altitude of 840 m. The relatively flat course offers wonderful views far into the Danube plain and on some days to the Alps, but also into the Bavarian Forest.

Donau Golf Club Passau-Raßbach e.V.


Thyrnau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Donau Golf Club is located near the cultural city of Passau on a plateau. From here you have a wonderful view over the ridge of the Bavarian Forest and the climatic health resort of Kellberg. The fairways of this challenging golf course run between deciduous and coniferous forests through a hilly terrain.

Gäuboden Golf Club e.V.


Aiterhofen, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Club Gäuboden is located in the city triangle Straubing - Bogen - Deggendorf. The approximately 110-acre facility at the foot of the Bavarian Forest offers a beautiful view of the Bogenberg with its famous pilgrimage church. The more or less flat fairways of the 18-hole course are characterized by many interesting water hazards and large slightly modeled greens.

Golf Club Coburg Schloss Tambach e.V.


Weitramsdorf-Tambach, Bavaria

The 18-hole championship course of the Golf Club Coburg Schloss Tambach is nestled in the rolling hills of the Coburg region. From here you have wonderful views of the Franconian countryside. The more or less open fairways are defended by water and bunkers obstacles and offer variety and challenge in equal measure.

Golf Club Würzburg


Würzburg, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Würzburg is just a few minutes away from Würzburg. The well-maintained golf course with its high-class fairways is located on a plateau. The Würzburg golf club is proud member of the "Leading Golf Courses Germany" and is considered one of the finest golf courses in southern Germany.

Golf Resort Sonnenalp-Oberallgäu


Ofterschwang, Bavaria

The Golf Resort Sonnenalp-Oberallgäu is situated in the idyllic Allgäu foothills of the Alps. The resort includes two 18-hole championship courses, Sonnenalp and Oberallgäu and the 6-hole short course Gundelsberg. The three courses extend over a gorgeous sunny plateau between Fischen and Bolsterlang.

Golf-Club Bad Wörishofen e.V.


Rieden, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Bad Wörishofen (1980) is located south of the world-renowned Kneipp spa Bad Wörishofen in a unique, park-like setting in the beautiful Allgäu region. The championship course was designed by renowned golf course architect Donald Harradine. The manicured fairways are characterized by old trees and charming views of lakes and mountains. 

Golfanlage Waldkirchen Dorn - Golf- und Landclub Bayerwald


Waldkirchen, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf Course in Waldkirchen / Dorn near the town of Waldkirchen in the Lower Bavarian Forest belongs to the Golf and Country Club Bayerwald. The exciting and challenging course is the oldest 9-hole course in Lower Bavaria and it is beautifully embedded in the surrounding landscape.

Golfclub Abenberg e.V.


Abenberg, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Club Abenberg is located south of the Nuremberg metropolitan area in Middle Franconia. The beautiful golf course offers three 9-hole loops, which run harmoniously through a floodplain landscape at the foot of Abenberg Castle. Depending on the combination, the round of golf can be made more challenging or easier.

Golfclub Anthal-Waginger See e.V.


Fridolfing/Anthal, Bavaria

The Golf Club Anthal-Waginger See e.V. is located near the German-Austrian border. The scenic 9-hole golf course in beautiful Chiemgau is centrally situated between Traunstein, Trostberg, Freilassing, Salzburg, and Burghausen with a distance of fewer than 30 km. In the hilly, natural green of the Alpine foothills, the Anthal-Waginger See Golf Club invites you to relax and unwind from everyday stress. The thoughtfully designed and varied 9-lanes appeal to beginners experienced players and sporty golfers alike.

Golfclub Feldafing e.V.


Feldafing, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Feldafing (1926) is located in the historic Lenné Park on the banks of Lake Starnberg, south of Munich. The traditional golf course with its more than 85 years old trees offers a great view of the lake and the Alps. The challenging holes of Golf Club Feldafing are characterized by narrow fairways surrounded by woodland.

Golfclub im Chiemgau Chieming e.V.


Chieming, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Chieming near lake Chiemsee lies in an undulating terrain amidst the charming landscape of the Chiemgau. The championship course offers top greens, strategically placed bunkers and ponds in the scenic surroundings of the Alpine foothills. Flat fairways alternate with slightly hilly ones.

Golfclub Oberstaufen-Steibis e.V.


Oberstaufen-Steibis, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Oberstaufen-Steibis is located amidst the charming Upper Allgäu countryside and within easy reach of Lake Constance. Offering fantastical mountain views, this golf course is considered one of the most beautiful courses in the Allgäu. The fairways are characterized by old trees, waterflows, biotopes, small lakes and rocks.

Golfclub Schloß Reichmannsdorf e.V.


Schlüsselfeld, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Schloss Reichmannsdorf is located in the Franconian region "Steigerwald" southwest of Bamberg. The beautiful and varied championship course is embedded in the former castle park of the baroque castle Reichmannsdorf giving the place a special charm. The course belongs to the top ten golf courses in Germany.

Golfclub Schloss Maxlrain e.V.


Maxlrain, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Club Schloss Maxlrain (1988) is located south of Munich close to Rosenheim in the beautiful pre-alpine landscape. Enjoy the 18-hole challenging championship course which runs partly through the castle park, which was designed in the style of English architecture of the 19th century. The golf course is considered one of the most beautiful and most interesting golf courses in Germany.

Golfclub Starnberg e.V.


Starnberg, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Starnberg (1986) is situated in the Five Lakes region, about three kilometers from Starnberg close to Lake Starnberg,  Ammersee, Wörthsee, Pilsensee and Weßlinger See. The golf course, built by architect Kurt Rossknecht, lies in between the hills that emerged out of the endmoraines of the glacial period and offers panoramic views.

Golfclub Waldegg-Wiggensbach e.V.


Wiggensbach, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Club Waldegg-Wiggensbach is the highest golf course facility in Germany. All fairways are entirely different and fit harmoniously into the landscape. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Allgäu and the Alpine panorama.

Golfplatz Brunnwies - Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


Haarbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Allianz Nickolmann Golf Course Brunnwies was designed by the German golf professional Bernhard Langer. His intention was to build a golf course, which is suitable for all kind of golfers and still offering challenges for the low handicap. The Golf Course Brunnwies is situated in the "Bavarian Tuscany" as the Rottal and the rolling countryside are often called.

Golfplatz Oberallgäu - Golfresort Sonnenalp-Oberallgäu


Ofterschwang, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Course Oberallgäu (2004) is part of the Golf Resort Sonnenalp-Oberallgäu and extends over a gorgeous sunny plateau between Fischen and Bolsterlang. The championship course offers a breathtaking 360° panoramic view. It is set against the picturesque scenery of the Nebelhorn and is considered one of the most charming alpine courses in Germany.

Golfplatz Poppenreut - Golf- und Landclub Bayerwald


Jandelsbrunn, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Course Poppenreut near the town of Waldkirchen in the Lower Bavarian Forest belongs to the Golf and Country Club Bayerwald. The slightly hilly championship course is embedded in the scenic and original nature of the Bavarian Forest. It offers magnificent views of the small bavarian towns.

Golfplatz Sonnenalp - Golfresort Sonnenalp-Oberallgäu


Ofterschwang, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Course Sonnenalp (1975) is part of the Golf Resort Sonnenalp-Oberallgäu and is situated in the idyllic Allgäu, at the foothills of the Alps. The championship course was designed by the Scottish architect Donald Harradine and renovated in 2006 by Kurt Rossknecht. The beautiful course runs through a slightly hilly landscape, but is nonetheless easy to walk. 

Jura Golf Park


Velburg-Unterwiesenacker, Bavaria

The 45-hole Jura Golf Park includes three golf courses: the Golf Club Am Habsbergthe championship course Jura Golf Hilzhofen and a public 9-hole golf course. With a total of 45 holes Jura Golf Park is the largest golf complex in northern Bavaria. A wide range golf offer for golfers of all levels.

Porsche Golf Course - Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


Rotthalmünster, Bavaria

The 18-hole Porsche Golf Course (built in 2003) is part of the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach in the southern part of Bavaria. The championship golf course is located right next to the Beckenbauer Golf Course in Penning. The challenging course was designed by the famous german golf professional Bernhard Langer.

Rottaler Golf- & Country Club Eggenfelden


Hebertsfelden, Bavaria

The 18-hole Rottaler Golf & Country Club is embedded in the unique and hilly landscape of southern Niederbayern, not far from Passau. The course is characterized by unspoiled nature, biotops and the presence of the river Rott and its water hazards. The golf club protects these sensitive areas and offers a number of species additional retreats.

St. Eurach Land- und Golfclub e.V.


Iffeldorf, Bavaria

The St. Eurach Country and Golf Club is picturesquely located in Bavaria between Munich and Garmisch Partenkirchen close to Lake Starnberg. The golfers are dazzled by the magnificent view of the Karwendel mountain range and the famous Zugspitze mountain. A golf course to satisfy even the most discriminating player.

St. Wolfgang Golfplatz Uttlau - Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


Haarbach/Uttlau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Course Uttlau - today known as St. Wolfgang Golfplatz Uttlau - belongs to the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach. It is situated in a slightly hilly landscape overlooking the village of Uttlau. The challenging championship course was designed to offer sportsmanship and fair play. Flat and rolling fairways, long shots into the valley and water hazards - all this combines this excellent golf course.

Tegernseer Golf-Club Bad Wiessee e.V.


Bad Wiessee, Bavaria

The 18-hole Tegernseer Golf-Club Bad Wiessee (1958) is located at 800 metres above sea level giving the golfer spectacular views of the Tegernsee Valley and the Alps. The course meanders through a rolling tree-lined terrain offering a challenge for both the advanced and the less experienced player. 

Golf Club Gut Ising


Chieming, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf Club Gut Ising is located above the Chiemsee nestled between old avenue trees and the adjacent Polo courses of Gut Ising. The golf course offers some playful and visually very attractive water hazards. Partial narrow fairways and small greens require precise shots. Nevertheless, the place is interesting and varied for players of all levels.

Golf- und Land-Club Regensburg e.V.


Jagdschloß Thiergarten, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf and Country Club Regensburg (1966) near Regensburg is located at the foothills of the Bavarian forest with superb views over the Danube Valley. The well-kept and varied golf course of the traditional club Regensburg was designed by Donald Harradine, who gave the place the unmistakable character of an English parkland.

Golf-Club Furth im Wald e.V.


Furth im Wald, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Furth im Wald is located a few kilometers from the Czech border, nestled in one of the most charming landscapes of the Bavarian Forest. Surrounded by mature trees the golf course offers a broad panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The fairways are partly open, partly lined lined by woods. A series of steep slopes and numerous ponds challenge even the more advanced players. 

Golf-Club Schloß Klingenburg e.V.


Jettingen-Scheppach, Bavaria

Der 18-Loch Golfplatz von Schloss Klingenburg (1980) im reizvollen Hochtal der Mindel zählt zu den schönsten Anlagen in ganz Deutschland. Alter Baumbestand und viel Wasser - vor allem im Bermuda-Dreieck mit dem spektakulären Zwei-Seen-Loch 13 - sorgen für Entspannung und Anspannung zugleich inmitten eines sattgrünen 18-Bahnen-Parks, der nicht von ungefähr auf Platz 18 der deutschen Golfplätze des Online-Portals "Top 100 Golf Courses" geführt wird.

Golfanlage Bergkramerhof


Wolfratshausen, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Facility Bergkramerhof (founded 1994) in the Munich Oberland near Lake Starnberg is the first ecological golf course in Germany. The hilly golf course offers wonderful views of the Alps and it is perfectly integrated into the idyllic landscape.

Golfanlage Gut Leimershof


Breitengüßbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfanlage Gut Leimershof is located only a few kilometers from the famous town of Bamberg. The challenging championship course in parkland style is embedded in the typical Franconian hills. It is considered one of the most scenic golf courses in Upper Franconia. Each of the fairways offers a new perspective of the beautiful landscape and of the almost 900 years old castle Giechburg.

Golfanlage Gut Rieden


Starnberg, Bavaria

The 18-hole golf course Gut Rieden (1990) is approximately 3 km north of the town of Starnberg. The championship course offers unforgettable panorama views overlooking Lake Starnberg and the Bavarian Alps from the Karwendel mountains to Zugspitze.

Golfclub Augsburg e.V.


Bobingen-Burgwalden, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Augsburg (1959) in Burgwalden, at the gates of Augsburg, welcomes you with the unique panorama of the Bavarian Forest. The golf course meets the high quality standards of the Leading Golf Courses of Germany for many years. It is one of the best golf courses in Germany.

Golfclub Beuerberg e.V.


Beuerberg, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Beuerberg is located close to Lake Starnberg. The leading golf course impresses with its charming location in the foothills of the Alps and with stunning views of the mountain scenery. It is member of the "Leading Golf Courses of Germany".

Golfclub Lichtenau-Weickershof e.V.


Lichtenau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Lichtenau-Weickershof (founded in 1978) near the town of Ansbach is conveniently located in the charming, typical Franconian landscape. The mostly flat Parkland style championship course is characterized by a centuries-old rural landscape with fields, forests, streams and ponds.

Golfclub München Eichenried


Eichenried, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golfclub München Eichenried (founded 1988) just outside of Munich is one of the leading golf facilities in Germany. The golf club is Home of the BMW International Open offering challenging championship courses by combining three 9-hole courses. The Golf Club Munich Eichenried understands itself as a "club with heart" with family golf, youth promotion and a convivial club life for all ages.

Golfclub Sagmühle


Bad Griesbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Sagmühle (1984) in Bad Griesbach is located on a completely flat terrain, close to the river Rott. The championship course was designed by the renowned golf course architect Kurt Rossknecht. The wide fairways are surrounded by old stock of trees, bushes and ornamental plants.

Golfclub Schwanhof e.V.


Luhe-Wildenau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Schwanhof is located in the rolling hills of a recreational area in the so called Oberpfalz in its original natural state. Bayreuth, Nürnberg and Regensburg can be visited from here. Enjoy a championship course that was designed for major international tournaments.

Golfpark Oberzwieselau


Lindberg, Bavaria

The 18-hole championship course of Golfpark Oberzwieselau (1991) is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle Oberzwieselau in the Bavarian Forest. It is supposed to be one of the most scenic golf courses in Germany. The landscape-bound course near the Czech border is characterized by beautiful panoramic views and diverse natural obstacles like ancient trees, slopes, rushing streams and quiet ponds.

Golfpark Rothenburg-Schönbronn


Buch am Wald, Bavaria

The 18-hole golf course of Golf Park Rothenburg-Schönbronn is located near the historic town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber on the edge of a forest. The relatively open fairways are characterized by numerous water hazards and strategically placed bunkers. Golfers of all levels will find challenging and varied game options.

Münchener Golf Club e.V.


Straßlach, Bavaria

The Münchener Golf Club (founded in 1910) offers its members and guests two unique golf courses, the 27-hole parkland style golf course in Straßlach south of Munich and the 9-hole course Thalkirchen conveniently located in Munich with stocks of old trees.

Quellness Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


Bad Griesbach, Bavaria

The Quellness Golf Resort Bad Griesbach formerly 'Hartl Golf Resort Bad Griesbach' comprises a total of five 18-hole championship golf courses and the Golfodrom, the large training center of the resort. The Quellness & Golf Resort Bad Griesbach is distinguished by its unparalleled combination of health, wellness, golf, business and sports which is unique in all the world.

Tölzer Golfclub e.V.


Wackersberg, Bavaria

The 9-hole Tölzer Golfclub e.V. is only a few minutes away from the village of Bad Tölz in the picturesque Voralpenland. Located in a slightly hilly terrain, the course is characterized by some beautiful water hazards, strategically placed bunkers, old trees and magnificent views of the mountain scenery.

1. Golfclub Fürth e.V.


Fürth, Bavaria

The 18-hole 1. Golf Club Fürth (1992) is located on a historic site in Fürth-Atzenhof between Erlangen and Nürnberg. The beautiful and challenging championship course was designed by renowned golf course architect Bernhard von Limburger. The first nine holes offer a parkland style course, while the second nine holes give the impression of a links course.

Aschaffenburger Golf-Club e.V.


Hösbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Aschaffenburg Golf Club is embedded in the slightly hilly landscape of the bavarian part of Spessart. Enjoy a golf course with extremely interesting fairways andwonderful views to the Odenwald. The fairways run partly through wooded, partly open terrain. Long hitting is helpful for a low score but strategic skills are more important.

Chiemsee Golf-Club Prien e.V.


Prien-Bauernberg, Bavaria

The Chiemsee Golf Club Prien, built in 1961 on the site of a traditional farm, is one of the oldest and most beautiful Golf Courses in Bavaria. On the new 18-hole course overlooking the Chiemsee and the Chiemgau Alps everything is now united: the idyllic location, the challenging, partly hilly fairways with numerous slopes, shielded by old trees, inspires both the non-professional golfer as well as the sporty ambitious Player.

Golf Club Höslwang im Chiemgau e.V.


Höslwang, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Höslwang im Chiemgau (1974) is nestled in the countryside of the Upper Bavarian Lake District. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Alps. The golf course is characterized by a number of challenging water hazards that require a precise and strategic golf game.

Golf Resort Bad Griesbach - Golfodrom


Bad Griesbach, Bavaria

The Golf Resort Bad Griesbach - Golfodrom is the training facility in the center of Bad Griesbach. The Golfodrom not only offers excellent training facilities but also three 9-hole courses - Golf Course Pfeiffer, Golf Course Jagl, Golf Course Engled - and the 6-hole Hackerwiese. Ideal for golf beginners to learn and experience this fascinating game and ideal for the more experienced golfer. 

Golf- & Landclub Karwendel e.V.


Wallgau, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf- & Landclub Karwendel near Mittenwald und Garmisch-Partenkirchen is located in the upper Isar valley east of the municipality. No doubt this golf course captivates by its spectacular scenic location offering wonderful views.

Golf- und Land Club Oberpfälzer Wald e.V.


Neunburg vorm Wald, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf- und Landclub Oberpfälzer Wald (founded 1978) is situated north of Regensburg in the charming region of the Upper Palatinate Forest. The golf course offers wonderful panorama views of the surrounding landscape.

Golf-Club Ansbach e.V.


Colmberg, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf-Club Ansbach (founded 1960) is located at the foot of the old Hohenzollern castle, nestled along the castle hill. Undoubtedly, this course is one of the most scenic golf courses in Middle Franconia. After the "rise" to tee 4 the golfers can enjoy a majestic view of the Altmühltal. 

Golf-Club Berchtesgaden e.V.


Berchtesgaden, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf Club Berchtesgaden (founded in 1955) is located on the Obersalzberg on a high plateau at about 900 meters above sea level. The golf course is considered a real gem. Enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of Watzmann, Kehlstein and Berchtesgaden. The gently undulating terrain, bunkers and well defended greens offer an interesting and varied game of golf.

Golf-Club Fränkische Schweiz e.V.


Ebermannstadt, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf-Club Fränkische Schweiz is located in the triangle of the famous towns of Bayreuth, Bamberg and Nuremberg in a varied landscape of the so called Franconian Switzerland. The fairways are partly open, partly lined with trees, bushes and flower meadows. Strategically placed bunkers provide playful challenges.

Golf-Club Herzogenaurach e.V.


Herzogenaurach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Herzogenaurach (built in 2003) is located near the famous university town of Erlangen in the Region of Mittelfranken, Bavaria. The championship course was designed by the well-known tour player Carlo Knauss and harmoniously embedded into the existing landscape.

Golfanlage Alpenseehof


Nesselwang, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golfanlage Alpenseehof is nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Alps close to Nesselwang. Enjoy the typical and very beautiful countryside of the Allgäu and the nature reserve Attlesee. The only slightly hilly golf course is easy to walk and offers great panoramic views.

Golfclub am Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald e.V.


Sankt Oswald, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub am Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald is located north of Passau in the Bavarian Forest near the Czech border. The golf course is characterized by the unspoiled landscape of this first German National Park. The course demonstrates how nature conservation and golf can work together to create wildlife and wildlife conservation zones. The fairways are partially open, partly surrounded by forest.

Golfclub Berchtesgadener Land e.V.


Ainring, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Berchtesgaden with its challenging championship course is located in the undulating terrain of the Upper Bavarian village of Weng a short drive from the festival city of Salzburg. Enjoy your golf game in front of the magnificent mountain scenery of the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. 

Golfclub Haßberge e.V.


Ebelsbach-Steinbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Hassberge is situated on a hilly plateau above the vineyards and offers a magnificent view of the valley and to the Sanctuary of Maria Limbach. From here it is only 22 km to the famous town of Bamberg and 32 km to Schweinfurt. The golf course is surrounded by old oak trees and is considered to be a particular sporting challenge to every golfer.

Golfclub Hauptsmoorwald Bamberg e.V.


Bamberg, Bavaria

The Golfclub Hauptsmoorwald Bamberg is located near the historic center of the famous town of Bamberg. The flat golf course with mature trees was already laid out by the Americans in the 60s. Like many beautiful parkland-style courses, this course has its difficulties despite its short length. You will find lots of challenges by narrow fairways and well defended greens.

Golfclub Isarwinkel e.V.


Bad Tölz, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golfclub Isarwinkel just outside of the famous town Bad Tölz south of Munich runs through a slightly hilly landscape in the very picturesque Isarwinkel in the Bavarian Oberland. The beautiful parkland-style golf course boasts an exceptional mountain panorama, a challenging design and first class greens.

Golfclub Kronach e.V.


Küps/Nagel, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Kronach is located in a culturally significant area of Oberfranken in Bavaria. The town of Kronach is famous for its city fortress "Rosenberg", which is considered the largest medieval fortress in Germany. The challenging golf course runs through a natural hilly landscape and is surrounded by mature trees.

Golfclub Lauterhofen e.V.


Lauterhofen, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Lauterhofen is nestled in a hilly terrain near Nuremberg. The well-maintained and challenging course is partly open, partly framed by mixed forests. Each fairway has its own characteristics. Strategically placed bunkers and water hazards call for highest precision in order to obtain a low score. 

Golfclub Mangfalltal e.V.


Feldkirchen-Westerham, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Mangfalltal (1987) is located between Munich and Rosenheim on a plateau in a wonderful position surrounded by gentle, unspoilt hills. The first holes are rather flat, while the back holes require stamina. The golfers will be rewarded with fantastic views of the mountains.

Golfclub Schloss Igling e.V.


Igling, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf Club Schloss Igling near Landsberg am Lech on the Romantic Road was designed by the well-known golf course architect Don Harradine. The beautiful and very classic course runs through a magical park landscape around the picturesque castle Igling and blends harmoniously into the hilly terrain between the Alps and Lechfeld near Munich.

Golfclub Schloss Mainsondheim e.V.


Dettelbach, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Schloss Mainsondheim is located on the Mainschleife near Dettelbach against the backdrop of lovely vineyards. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the Main and the surrounding area. The fairways of the championship course are characterized by picturesque biotopes and large greens, which, however, are defended by bunkers and water hazards.

Golfclub Tutzing e.V.


Tutzing, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Tutzing is located approximately 2 km from Lake Starnberg. It is among one of the most attractive golf courses in the south of Munich. The largely unspoiled place offers an attractive and varied golf course.

Golfplatz Iffeldorf


Iffeldorf, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Course Iffeldorf is located between the Easter lakes, the southern Alps and the Lake Starnberg - right on the foothills of the Alps near Munich. The Golf Course Iffeldorf runs through a gently undulating terrain with forest and ancient oak trees, small lakes and biotopes. Enjoy the magnificent Alpine panorama.

GolfRange Nürnberg


Rohr, Bavaria

The 9-hole GolfRange Nürnberg offers a varied course, which was designed according to the latest standards. Narrow fairways demand shot accuracy. The modeled course with strategically placed bunkers and a striking lake offers lots of challenges to the advanced golfers. At the same time it fair and enjoyable for the golf beginner.

Allgäuer Golf- und Landclub e.V.


Ottobeuren, Bavaria

The 18-hole Allgäuer Golf- und Landclub (built in 1984) is located about 3 kilometers south of spa town Ottobeuren, which is famous for its Benedictine abbey - one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Bavaria. The club is offering an interesting layout of the course with beautiful old trees and short distances from green to tee.

Der Golf Club Am Obinger See


Obing, Bavaria

The 9-hole Der Golf Club Am Obinger See (opened in 2002) in the Chiemgau is a championship course built in the style of American golf courses of the century turn. The challenging golf course is characterized by numerous bunkers in a rugged look. Although the fairways are fairly open, they are diversified by a natural rolling landscape.

Golf Club am Eixendorfer See


Rötz, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf Club am Eixendorfer See is located on Lake Eixendorfer in the Upper Bavarian Forest Nature Park. The hilly golf course is surrounded by forests and offers some beautiful views of the countryside. The course begins at the river Schwarzach and moving around the village of Hillstett. 

Golf Club Hohenpähl e.V.


Pähl, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Hohenpähl (1988) lies in a unique and picturesque cultural landscape between the Lake Starnberg and the Ammersee. The slightly hilly course is dominated by centuries-old trees, paths, hills, streams and ponds. Enjoy the wonderful views of the Alpine panorama.

Golf Club Oberfranken e.V.


Thurnau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Oberfranken (1965) is located close to the famous town of Bayreuth in Upper Franconia. The challenging golf course was designed by the famous golf architects Bernhard von Limburger and Donald Harradine. The picturesque and hilly terrain  is characterized by green pastures and huge oak forests. It offers very beautiful views to the peaks of the Fichtelgebirge. 

Golf Club Schloss Guttenburg e.V.


Kraiburg, Bavaria

The 18-hole championship course of the Golf Club Schloss Guttenburg is nestled in the scenic southeast Bavarian Alpine foothills with views of the Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden mountains. The championship course is characterized by numerous bunkers, some spectacular water hazards, sexy habitat areas and fast greens.

Golf-Club Bayreuth e.V.


Bayreuth, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Club Bayreuth is located above the the famous Wagner town with a sweeping view of Bayreuth, the Opera House and as far as Franconian Switzerland and the Fichtelgebirge mountains. The challenging course with links course character was designed by the well-known golf course architects Thomas Himmel and Joan F. Dudok van Heel. The open landscape, a steady wind and the high rough make you feel like on a holiday in Scotland.

Golf-Club Ingolstadt e.V.


Ingolstadt, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Ingolstadt (founded in 1977) is located just outside of the famous Audi Car Town Ingolstadt amidst the nature of the Schuttertal. The very well maintained parkland style golf course is characterized by a rich flora and fauna. Flower meadows and biotopes surround the fairways.

Golfanlage Bad Abbach Deutenhof


Bad Abbach, Bavaria

The 27-hole Golf Course Bad Abbach Deutenhof is embedded in a gentle hilly landscape south of Bad Abbach, near the Danube. With an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole public course, Golf Bad Abbach offers the best playing and training conditions for experienced golfers and beginners alike.

Golfanlage Gerhelm


Velden, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfanlage GERHELM is located in the north-east of Nuremberg on the edge of the Franconian Switzerland in a nature reserve. The challenging golf course stretches over a generous and varied terrain offering beautiful perspectives. Hilly fairways run partly through forest, partly through open terrain.

Golfclub Garmisch-Partenkirchen e.V.


Oberau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Garmisch-Partenkirchen (1928) is located in Oberau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Werdenfelser Land. Enjoy the magnificent view of the bizarre mountains of the Oberland Alpspitze, Zugspitze and Waxenstein. However, the golf course is not a mountainous course in the strict sense. It runs through a mostly flat terrain and is very walkable.

Golfclub Oberstdorf e.V.


Oberstdorf, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golfclub Oberstdorf is located in the famous Allgäu, embedded in a beautiful natural landscape and surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery. The hilly course offers spectacular tee shots and well-kept greens. The highest green is about 1000 m above sea level. 

Golfclub Ruhpolding e.V.


Ruhpolding-Zell, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Ruhpolding is located southeast of the well-known climatic health resort Ruhpolding. The golf course is surrounded by a magnificent mountain panorama. This region near lake Chiemsee is famous for its mild climate with plenty of sunshine. The location keeps the golf course free of fog and protects it from harsh winds.

Golfclub Zollmühle


Ellingen, Bavaria

The golf course Zollmühle, one of the most scenic and varied facilities in Central Franconia, is located in the idyllic Rezattals between Ellingen and Pleinfeld on the edge of the new Franconian Lake District. Hilly terrain with mature trees provides a varied game. Above all, the natural water hazards and slopes are a challenge.


Golfpark Romantische Straße Dinkelsbühl


Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria

Just 3 km from the world-famous historic city of Dinkelsbühl at the Romantic Road this beautiful golf course located. On the plateau and in the valley of Knorrenbachtals is the varied and technically demanding course build right in to the nature. The water obstacles. the well placed sand bunkers and plantations promise you an interesting round of golf.

Land- und Golfclub Werdenfels. e. V.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

The 9-hole course of the land and Werdenfels Golf Club was built in 1930 to designs by Bernhard von Limburger and is one of the oldest golf courses in Germany. In the immediate vicinity to Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the place embedded in the unique Werdenfelser mountains. From here there are fantastic views of the Wetterstein with the Alps and the Zugspitze. Characteristic of the square next to the old trees, the relatively narrow fairways and small greens, the precision are required.

Altmühlgolf Beilngries


Beilngries, Bavaria

The 9-hole Golf Course Altmühlgolf Beilngries is located in the flat terrain of the nature reserve of Altmühltal. The course is surrounded by groves. Golf beginners will enjoy the open fairways while the ambitious golfer is tempted by stategically placed bunkers and water hazards.

Audi Golf Course - Golf Resort Bad Griesbach


Rotthalmünster, Bavaria

The 18-hole former Audi Golf Course (opened in 2003) is now called Porsche Golf Course and part of the Golf Resort Bad Griesbach. The championship golf course is located right next to the Beckenbauer Golf Course in Penning. The course was designed by Bernhard Langer, who integrated the completely flat and easy to walk fairways into the floodplain of the Rott using the old stock of trees.

Chiemsee Golfcard

Prien am Chiemsee, Bavaria

The Chiemsee Golf Card offers the possibility to explore many golf courses around the Chiemsee Lake, a region with great natural diversity; from neighboring Chiemgau to Chiemsee-Alpenland, between Inntal and Mangfalltal, between Wasserburger and Rosenheimer Land and the Wendelstein.

Golf & Country Club Margarethenhof


Waakirchen am Tegernsee, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf & Country Club Margarethenhof is located high above the beautiful Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria, at approx. 1000 m above sea level. Enjoy the splendid views and the famous towns like Rottach-Egern and Bad Wiessee nearby. In 2012, the course was redesigned and improved in many ways.

Golf Club Pottenstein-Weidenloh e.V.


Pottenstein, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golfclub Pottenstein-Weidenloh south of Bamberg, is situated in the impressive nature of Franconian Switzerland. The championship course was designed by golf course architect Götz Mecklenburg and integrated into the picturesque landscape of Bavaria.

Golf-Club Lindau-Bad Schachen e.V.


Lindau, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Lindau-Bad Schachen (founded in 1954) is located in the three-country corner above the town of Lindau with magnificent views of Lake Constance and the Alps. The golf course, which runs around the castle Schönbühl, was designed by well known golf architect Kurt Rossknecht.

Golf-Club Maria Bildhausen e.V.


Münnerstadt, Bavaria

The 18-hole Golf Club Maria Bildhausen north of Bad Kissingen is located on the former agricultural site of the monastery Maria Bildhausen. The championship course runs through a slightly hilly terrain. Enjoy well-kept bunkers, beautiful biotopes, some small lakes and varied greens. 

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