Golf courses in Schleswig-Holstein

between North - and Baltic Sea

Golf courses in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein offers a variety of golf courses, courses on the North and Baltic Sea with great sea views, challenging links courses, slightly hilly courses between bright canola fields and many more.

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Golf Club Lohersand e.V.


Sorgbrück - Lohe-Föhrden, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golf Club Lohersand (founded in 1959) is situated between Rendsburg and Schleswig and provides links course-like fairways, which run through wide heaths or narrow forest. The varied golf course is an experience for golfers of all levels and a "must" for all golf enthusiasts.

Golf Club Altenhof e.V.


Altenhof bei Eckernförde, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golf Club Altenhof (1971) close to Eckernförde is just minutes away from the Baltic Sea. The challenging championship course runs through the park of a castle-like mansion dating from the 18th century. Old trees and a hilly pasture and woodland characterize this golf course. The golf experience will be highliy attractive and demanding.

Golf- & Landclub Gut Uhlenhorst


Dänischenhagen, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Golf & Landclub Gut Uhlenhorst is located just 12 km north of Kiel in close proximity to the Bay of Kiel and the Baltic Sea. The attractive championship course was designed by the famous golf architect Donald Harradine and built into the gently rolling countryside, typical of Schleswig-Holstein. The course overlooking the Baltic Sea is playable on regular greens all year round.

Golf-Club Jersbek e.V.


Jersbek, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18 hole golfcourse Golf Club Jersbek (1986) is situated in the typical Schleswig-Holstein hedgerow landscpe. Bushes, old trees and generous biotopes characterize this course that runs through flat terrain. It also offers two island greens, one surrounded by water the other by a bunker. The course provides interesting and demanding golf experiences for all players of all levels.

Golf-Park Sülfeld


Sülfeld, Schleswig-Holstein

The public 27-holes Golf-Park Sülfeld is located north of Hamburg. It is enjoyable for all type of golfers and those who would like to learn more about golf. The three 9-holes golf courses lie within a soft rolling landscape. Hedgerows, bushes and stocks of trees surround the fairways. Strategicly placed bunkers and some water hazards ask for precision and control.

Golfanlage Seeschlösschen Timmendorfer Strand


Timmendorfer Strand, Schleswig-Holstein

The 36-hole Golf Course Seeschlösschen Timmendorfer Strand (1973) is located just outside of the well known Baltic Sea town Timmendorfer Strand and is one of the most beautiful and popular golf courses in northern Germany. The golf courses were designed by the renowned golf course architect Bernhard von Limburger. Enjoy the challenging golf course.

Golfclub am Donner Kleve e.V.


St. Michaelisdonn, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golfclub am Donner Kleve is located a few kilometers from the mouth of the river Elbe, between Itzehoe and Friedrichskoog in the middle of Dithmarschen. The fairways lead through a delightful, sloping landscape. The golf course has 18 distinctive holes on a sandy by nature formed undulating dunes floor and is playable all year round. 

Kieler Golfclub Havighorst


Honigsee / Havighorst, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Kieler Golf Club Havighorst (1989) close to Preetz is beautifully situated in the typical landscape of Schleswig-Holstein between moors and hills and surrounded by forest. The championship course is not too difficult for beginners, but a real challenge for bogey and scratch players because of water hazards, bunkers and the slopes.

Golf Club Fehmarn e.V.


Wulfen auf Fehmarn, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golf Club Fehmarn (founded in 1987) is located on the island of Fehmarn in a scenic location on the "Wulfener mountains" between the Baltic Sea and Burger lake. Enjoy beautiful views of the sea from almost every tee and green. Doglegs, bunkers and water hazards provide a lot of variety.

Golf-Club An der Pinnau e.V.


Quickborn-Renzel, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Golf-Club An der Pinnau is located a few kilometers northwest of Hamburg. A golf experience and pure nature! The 18 holes of the original course offer manicured fairways, old trees, the river Pinnau and many ponds. This beautiful parkland course is  not only worth seeing, but also worth playing. The new course was designed by renowned golf course designer David Krause in 2009.

Golfanlage Golfplatz Thürk - Open Golf Academy


Bosau/Thürk, Schleswig-Holstein

The 9-hole Golf Course Thürk near Lake Plön and close to the Baltic Sea is an ideal golf course for recreational golfers and golf beginners. In the midst of the idyllic hilly landscape of Schleswig-Holstein and with enchanting views of the pretty towns of Plön and Eutin, you will find a natural course, which ensures relaxed golfing experiences. 

Golfanlage Hohwacht


Hohwacht, Schleswig-Holstein

The Golf Course Hohwacht extends over a total of 120 hectares. The golf course impresses with its location on the large lake and the proximity to the Hohwacht Bay (Baltic Sea). The facility has an 18-hole & 9-hole course and extensive exercise facilities in the "Golfodrom". The courses, built in 1992 and designed by the renowned golf course architect, stand out for their wide fairways.

Golfclub Brodauer Mühle e.V.


Beusloe, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golfclub Brodauermühle (founded 1987) near the Baltic Sea resort Grömitz offers a nature-friendly golf course with an unique view of the bay of Lübeck. The beautiful and varied golf course is located in the hilly coastal landscape just 3 km from the Baltic Sea.

Golfclub Siek/Ahrensburg


Siek, Schleswig-Holstein

The public 18-hole Golf Course Siek/Ahrensburg (2006) is situated near the city of Hamburg in the idyllic village called Siek in the typical Schleswig-Holstein hedgerow. The well-kept golf course with challenges for every handicap and any skill levels offers two different 9-hole courses, that can be combined in any way. Great for young golfers, families and golf beginners.

Golfpark Weidenhof


Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole championship course Golf Park Weidenhof is located near Hamburg in a typical northern German hedgerow landscape with ancient oak and hazelnut trees. Nestled in the Pinnautal the golf course provides interesting holes with many natural habitats. Water hazards are found on almost every hole.

Lübeck Travemünder Golf-Klub von 1921 e.V.


Lübeck-Travemünde, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Lübeck-Travemünder Golf Club (1921) is located directly on the Baltic Sea above the Brodtener bluffs. Wide fairways alternate with park-like wooded areas. Water hazards and cleverly placed bunkers make the course a challenge for players of all levels. 

Förde Golf Club Glücksburg


Glücksburg, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Förde Golf Club Glücksburg (1972) is located on the "Bockholmer Hochplateau" on the cliffs of Flensburg Fjord near the town of Glücksburg. The challenging course runs through a hilly landscape, which is characterized by moore, beech forests, habitats, ponds, and beautiful views across the Baltic Sea to Denmark.

Golf & Country Club Gut Bissenmoor e.V.


Bad Bramstedt, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golf & Country Club Gut Bissenmoor is located north of Hamburg amidst the idyllic landscape of Schleswig-Holstein. The exciting championship course in parkland style runs through a flat terrain. Water is one of the defining elements of this challenging course. Due to its five tees, golfers of all handicap levels will enjoy this course.

Golf Club an der Schlei


Güby, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18 hole Golf Club an der Schlei was designed by the well known architect Christoph Städler. The championship course is embedded in the typical northern german landscape where rows of bushes divide the fields. 

Golf Club Husumer Bucht e.V.


Schwesing, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole championship course of the Golfclub Husumer Bucht (founded 1987) is located near Husum, only a few kilometers from the North Sea and the beaches. The golf course is located in a typical regional landscape, where rows of bushes divide the fields. The fairways run through almost level terrain.

Golf Club Ostseebad Grömitz e.V.


Grömitz, Schleswig-Holstein

Der Golf Club Ostseebad Grömitz bietet eine wunderschön gelegene 27-Loch Golfanlage. Der 18-Loch Meisterschaftsplatz liegt ganz in der Nähe des Ostseeheilbads Grömitz eingebettet in die herrliche ostholsteinische Hügel- und Knicklandschaft, von wo aus sich immer wieder schöne Blicke auf die Ostsee ergeben.

Golf-Club Escheburg e.V.


Escheburg, Schleswig-Holstein

The 24-hole Golfclub Escheburg (founded 1996) in Escheburg near Hamburg is situated in a charming environment on a ridge above the river Elbe. The interesting golf course is characterized by the typical hedgerow landscape of North Germany. Generously laid out fairways have been designed with great attention to detail.

Golf-Club Kitzeberg e.V


Heikendorf, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18 hole championship course Golf-Club Kitzeberg is located on the east side of the Kiele Förde just 10 km from downtown Kiel and the important harbour. The old-established club was founded 1902. It lies in the midst of a hilly landscape. The park-like terrain features a population of partly old trees and numerous declinations, providing a special challenge for golfers at all kinds of levels.

Golfclub Büsum Dithmarschen e.V.


Büsum-Warwerort, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole links course Golfclub Büsum Dithmarschen (1984) is located directly on a North Sea dike. Creeks and other natural water hazards and the almost constantly blowing wind make this course a special experience.

Golfclub Hof Berg e. V.


Stadum, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole championship course of Golfclub Hof Berg is nestled idyllically in LLangenberger Forst. You can expect a challenging golf course with many challenges. The Golf Club Hof Berg offers great golf and the hospitality of the North Frisians.

Golfclub Segeberg e.V. - Gut Wensin


Wensin, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golf Club Segeberg - Gut Wensin (opened in 1994) is idyllically located in the Holstein Switzerland near the Wardersee in Northern Germany. The challenging championship course runs through a slightly hilly terrain. The parkland style course offers many strategically placed water hazards.

Maritim Golfpark Ostsee - Warnsdorf


Warnsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Maritim Golf Park Ostsee in Warnsdorf is located close to the Baltic coastline and nes­tled amidst blue lakes and yel­low canola fields. Sit­u­ated between Tim­men­dor­fer Strand and Travemünde, nature and wildlife reserve around Lake Hem­mels­dor­fer is not only home to an abun­dance of unique flora and fauna, but to three mag­nif­i­cent com­bin­able 9-hole courses as well.

Mittelholsteinischer Golfclub Aukrug


Aukrug, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golf Club Aukrug is located in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein near the town of Neumünster. The beautiful and very well maintained golf course in the middle of the Aukrug nature park captivates with marvelous views and through its diverse landscape. The fairways run through a gentle hilly landscape along pine forests, meadows with native orchids, accompanied by magnificent oaks

Golf & Country Club Brunstorf


Brunstorf, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Golf & Country Club Brunstorf close to Hamburg offers a challenging 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole public course Brunstorf-South, which is ideal for golf beginners or for "professionals" who want to play a quick round.

Golf Gut Glinde


Glinde, Schleswig-Holstein

The 33-hole Golf Gut Glinde (2002) is located just outside of Hamburg and about 185 km south of Flensburg. Golf Gut Glinde offers an 18-hole championship course, a 9-hole public course and a 6-hole short course. The 18-hole championship course is intended as a challenge for good players, but higher handicaps will enjoy it as well.

Golf-Park Peiner Hof e.V.


Prisdorf, Schleswig-Holstein

The golf course is situated in a very natural landscape. It is characterized by the valley of the Pinnau, by hedgerow landscape, old trees, water hazards and several doglegs. The course offers demanding golf experiences.

Golfclub Bad Bramstedt


Bad Bramstedt, Schleswig-Holstein

The 9-hole golf club Bad Bramstedt is located north of Hamburg in a typical Schleswig-Holstein floodplain landscape; the nine fairways stretch over a terrain left along the river Ohlau. Due to the valley in an outer valley, the player can expect many game-crucial water hazards. In addition to the water hazards, sometimes single old trees and groups of trees in the middle of the fairways require precision over and over again. The cozy clubhouse with hospitality and the large sun terrace invite you to linger.

Golfclub Curau e.V.


Stockelsdorf-Curau, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golfclub Curau (founded 1998) is located in the heart of Ostholstein a few kilometers from the Hanseatic City of Lübeck and the Baltic Sea. The interesting and challenging golf course seems fairly open at first glance and easy to manage. But roughs, small lakes and other water hazards ask for precision.

Golfplatz Open County


Tating, Schleswig-Holstein

The 9-hole Golf Course Open County former Golfclub Deichgrafenhof (founded 1999) is located near St. Peter-Ording close to the North Sea Coast. It is a public golf course according to the principle Pay & Play. The flat course is enjoyable for golf beginners and the advanced players as well.

Marine-Golf-Club Sylt e.V.


Sylt, Ortsteil Tinnum, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Marine Golf Club Sylt is a classic links course. Located in the triangle between the towns of Westerland, Munkmarsch and Wenningstedt on the island of Sylt, the course offers exciting golfing experiences. The golf course lies embedded within a heath and dune landscape, a perfect situation for a typical links course. Deep pot bunkers, water hazards and undulated greens are offering real challenges for every golfer.

Golf Club Föhr e.V.


Nieblum, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Golf Club Föhr (founded 1991) on the North Frisian island of Föhr is the third-oldest club in Schleswig-Holstein and one of the most beautiful. The original 18 holes run through a wooden landscape, while the new holes offer clear similarities to classical links cources.

Golf Club Gut Apeldör


Hennstedt, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole golf facility Golf Club Gut Apeldör ia situated in Northern Germany in the charming Dithmarschen. Gut Apeldör offers the 18-hole BIG APPLE and the 9-hole BIG 9, two very well-maintained and challenging golf courses, which integrate perfectly into the typical sandy heathland of this region. The characteristics of the demanding Big Apple course are large undulating and fast greens.

Golfanlage Gut Wulfsmühle


Tangstedt, Schleswig-Holstein

Die 18-Loch Golfanlage Gut Wulfsmühle (gegründet 1972) bei Hamburg liegt eingebettet in die typisch schleswig-holsteinische Knicklandschaft. Der Platz bietet sehr schönen alten Baumbestand und viele attraktive Wasserhindernisse. Die Bahnen sind so gestaltet, daß Präzision und Spielstrategie wichtiger sind Schlaglängen. Das Motto des Platzes lautet: Jede Bahn ist schwierig in Par zu spielen, aber relativ einfach in Bogey.

Golfclub Budersand Sylt


Hörnum, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18 hole golf course Golfclub Budersand Sylt is situated around the Budersand dunes on the island of Sylt. Because of this landscape the course has been designed as a linkscourse. Today it is supposed to be one of the best links courses in Germany.

Golfclub Gut Waldshagen e.V.


Bösdorf, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golfclub Gut Waldshagen is embedded in the beautiful and varied landscape of so called Switzerland of Holstein. The challenging championship course runs through a hilly landscape with water hazards. The course is surrounded by trees but still offering magnificent views. 

Golfclub Lutzhorn e.V.


Lutzhorn, Schleswig-Holstein

The 18-hole Golfclub Lutzhorn near Hamburg is situated in a typical landscape of Northern Germany. The parkland style golf course offers interesting holes with challenging water hazards as well as strategecially placed bunkers. The course is attractive to golfers of all playing levels.

Golf Club Gut Grambek e.V.


Grambek, Schleswig-Holstein

The golf course is embedded in a wooden landscape. Some of the holes offer wide fairways others are dominated by trees. Strategicly placed bunkers on the fairway and at the greens demand precision.

Golf Club Stenerberg e.V.


Rabenkirchen-Faulück, Schleswig-Holstein

Located in the typical Angeliter hillside and crease landscape at the Schlei between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, the terrain is the ideal base for a charming and natural golf course. We value the natural character of the place and protect nature. A large number of biotopes have been established which provide a natural habitat for rare and protected species. Furthermore, ecological plant protection and conservation are carried out on the golf course at the Stenerberg.

Golf-Club am Sachsenwald e.V.

Dassendorf, Schleswig-Holstein

Der Golfclub am Sachsenwald e.V. hat noch keine Beschreibung hinterlegt. Bitte Informieren Sie sich auf der Seite des Golfclubs. 

Golf-Club Sylt e.V.


Wenningstedt, Schleswig-Holstein

The golf course lies embedded within the typical landscape of the island. The lings course offers beautiful views across the the tidal flat and the moorlands. The fairways are characterized by strategicly placed bunkers, plenty of water hazards and biotopes.

Golfclub Gut Haseldorf e.V.


Haselau, Schleswig-Holstein

Der 18-Loch Platz des Golfclub Gut Haseldorf wurde 1996 gebaut und befindet sich auf den Ländereien des Prinzen von Schoenaich-Carolath-Schilden. Kennzeichnend für den Platz sind die relativ offenen Bahnen, die von zahlreichen und attraktiven Wasserhindernissen durchzogen werden.

Golfclub Schloss Breitenburg e.V.


Breitenburg, Schleswig-Holstein

The 27-hole Golfclub Schloss Breitenburg (1990) is set along the Stör river in Schleswig-Holstein not far from Hamburg. The castle "Schloss Breitenburg" has its origins dated in the mid-1500s.  The first 18 holes of the golf course were built in the early 1990s. The third nine holes were designed by famous golf course architect David Krause in 1998.

Nordsee-Golfclub St. Peter-Ording e.V.


St. Peter-Ording, Schleswig-Holstein

Der 9-Loch Nordsee-Golfclub St. Peter-Ording ist an der Nordsee direkt hinter einem Strand- und Deichabschnitt gelegen. Der Links-Course verläuft entlang des Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeers. Wie bei den klassischen Links-Golfplätzen Schottlands und Irlands zieht sich der Platz durch eine Dünenlandschaft ergänzt um viele Wasserhindernissen. Erhöhte Abschläge ermöglichen einen Blick auf das Meer.

Wentorf-Reinbeker Golf-Clubs e.V.


Wentorf, Schleswig-Holstein

Der 18-Löcher-Platz des Wentorf-Reinbeker Golf-Clubs e.V. hat eine Länge 5821 Meter für Herren und 5165 Meter für Damen, jeweils Par 72.
Das "Markenzeichen" des Platzes ist der einzigartige Baumbestand, bestehend aus alten Buchen und Eichen. Der Platz ist sportlich anspruchsvoll (Course Rating Herren 72,0/132, Course Rating für Damen 74,1/130) und abwechslungsreich.

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