Golf courses in the Netherlands

Golf courses in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are famous for its special landscape, the flowers, the sea but not so much in terms of golf courses. Although you will find many exciting and enjoyable golf courses.

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Golf Club BurgGolf Purmerend



The 45-hole golf facility of the Golf Club BurgGolf Purmerend near Amsterdam is a top-class golf resort. There are 36 holes, which are created as four 9-hole loops, perfect for all golf enthusiasts. Enjoy a variety of different championship course combinations with different levels of difficulty. This combination of 9-hole courses enables the perfect choice between a golf round with numerous challenges or a leisure round for recreational golfers.

De Zuid Limburgse Golf & Country Club ‘Wittem’



The 18-hole Zuid Limburgse Golf & Country Club 'Wittem' (founded in 1956) is located in the extreme south-eastern tip of the Netherlands, in the foothills of the Ardennes. Wittem is not only the highest golf course in the Netherlands, it is also a place with many differences in altitude and very beautiful views.

De Maastrichtsche - International Golf Maastricht



The 27-hole De Maastrichtsche - International Golf Maastricht (opened in 2007) is located on the Dousberg outside Maastricht near the Dutch-Belgian border. The 18-hole "Championship Course" with links course style runs through the hilly landscape of Limburg. Undulated fairways and greens are the special hallmark of this course, which offers beautiful views and numerous challenges.

Golfclub Heelsum



The 27-hole Golf Club Heelsum (founded in 1992) near Arnheim is one of the most adventurous and most natural courses in the Netherlands. Many elements are reminiscent of Scotland's classic golf courses, like deep hollows, rugged bunkers, heath and sand valleys. It is a classic moorland course laid out on beautiful historic land.

de Herkenbosche Golf-Limburg



The 27-hole Herkenbosche Golf Limburg (opened in 1991) near Roermond in Limburg is located directly on the National Park De Meinweg on the Dutch-German border. The resort is one of the most extraordinary golf courses in the Netherlands, due to its heathland and partly dense forest.

Drentsche Golf & Country Club



The 36-hole Drentsche Golf & Country Club is located north of Assen in a wooded area. The spacious golf facility has a 27-hole competition course, whose three 9-hole loops can be combined as desired and with different challenges. Golfers of all levels can enjoy the courses playing interesting and varied holes. 

Golf & Country Club Lauswolt



The 18-hole Golf & Country Club Lauswolt in Beetsterzwaag in Friesland is located on the Lauswolt Estate. The characteristic of this beautiful golf course is the landscape change from forest to open terrain. The old forest structures, avenues, water ditches and the heath is part of the cultural history of this area.

Golfbaan Kasteel Engelenburg



The 9-hole golf course of Golfbaan Kasteel Engelenburg (founded in 1988) is situated between Arnhem and Apeldoorn in the beautiful castle park of Kasteel Engelenburg. Old trees characterize this beautiful parkland style championship course designed by renowned golf course architect Donald Steel. Because of century-old Oak trees and water hazards this classic golf course requires precision.

Golfpark Golfplatz Soestduinen



The 9-hole Golfpark Soestduinen is located at the Royal Hilton Parc Hotel in Soestduinen. The beautifully designed in parkland style golf course is surrounded by forest. The par 3 course can be played as a 18-hole course due to its various tees. It offers ideal playing conditions for golf beginners and interesting challenges for the experienced player

Golf & Country Club Hoenshuis



The 18-hole championship course of the Golf & Country Club Hoenshuis (founded in 1987) was designed by the famous Belgian golf architect Baron Paul Rolin in collaboration with the landscape architect's office W.J. Snelder. The challenging golf course (6,065 m) runs through a slightly hilly terrain of the typical Limburg landscape and offers beautiful views.

Golfbaan 't Zelle



The 27-hole Golf Club 't Zelle (founded 1992) near Hengelo in the province Gelderland is a beautiful golf facility offering a challenging 18-hole competition course and a 9-hole short golf course (Par 3). The 18-hole course has many natural hazards, such as a recurring stream, ponds, a swamp, trees and elongated bunkers. Many doglegs add to the challenge.

Landgoed Bergvliet Golfbaan


SW Oosterhout

Nestled in the lush Brabant greenery between Breda, Oosterhout, Teteringen and Terheijden, and only a stone's throw from the A59 towards the Randstad and Zevenbergen, you will find the beautiful Landgoed Bergvliet Golfbaan. Playing golf at the 27-hole golf course is first and foremost having fun and relaxing. The rustic decor of the Brabant estate with relaxing water hazards and its authentic elements will certainly stimulate you in this. And if not, one of the enthusiastic golf pros will!

Twentsche Golfclub


Ambt Delden

The 18-hole Twentsche Golfclub (founded in 1926) is located on the magnificent Twickel estate in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It one of the eight oldest golf clubs in the Netherlands. The unique ambience and quality of the course as well as the club facilities add to the exclusivity of the club.

Golfbaan Het Rijk van Margraten


Cadier en Keer

The 27-hole golf facility Het Rijk van Margraten (opened in 2002) is located outside of Maastricht in the hills of South Limburg, between farmlands, vineyards and old forests. The slightly hilly 18-hole golf course offers attractive and challenging holes. It is enjoyable for golfers of all levels.

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